As children, our imaginations were captured by Matchbox cars and living room carpet ramps. Years spent sacrificing Road & Track magazines to our bedroom walls and visiting our idols at vintage race events eventually evolved into an outlet for a lifelong passion. 8380 is that outlet, and our mission is simple. Through design, we want to capture the essence of the automotive obsession. You know it when it happens - that feeling you get when you see a car and it's JUST RIGHT. Whether it's through our own apparel line, commissioned work for clients or our tuning parts, 8380 strives to recreate that moment - one design at a time.


The creative process is what drives 8380 forward. It manifests itself in everything we do - from the research and design that goes into every piece of apparel we release, to the identification of a niche and subsequent development of our tuning products. It's what we do, and it's all done in-house. When a project requires manufacturing capacity that is beyond our capabilities, we take the selection of a partner very seriously. Everything that bears the 8380 Laboratories name is a reflection of ourselves and our values, and we're proud of that.


We're looking to establish a dealer network both nationally and internationally. If you're interested in carrying 8380 Apparel or Tuning products, we want to hear from you. 
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We’ve done some writing for magazines and we’ve been featured, too. Check us out!