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    Pic of the Day

    Branching Out a Bit

    We just dropped a PreOrder today for the new E36M design, which is slightly uncharted waters for us. We’re trying to branch out a bit further on the Bavarian side of things, and figured this was a great place to start. The PreOrder ends September 30th, and as usual a couple weeks after that the inventory will appear in the Shop.

    Now seems like as good a time as any to mention that one of the reasons for our continued expansion is our Supporting Vendor status on Bimmerforums! Our screen name is “8380 Labs”, so if you are on there keep your eyes peeled for us. This is one of the larger all-encompassing BMW message boards, a la VWVortex with VWs, so we’re hoping it’ll be a good place to set down some roots.

    Anyway, here it is!

    PreOrder ’em in the Shop!


    BMW Month on Speedhunters

    Some of you may remember me talking about Speedhunters previously. They’ve always got some pretty cool stuff from all arenas of the automotive kingdom on their site, and they often feature a specific marque for an entire month. This month happens to be BMW Month. Some seriously dope stuff on there already and it’s only the third day!

    Here’s a taste:

    Woops, how’d that get in there.



    I’ve fiddled with the coilovers a good bit trying to get things dialed in and I’m pretty happy with how it’s sitting finally. Here’s some more revealing, yet only slightly less terrible pics of the E30 on the RS’s. I’m stoked with how they came out.

    This car is fun!


    New Promo Pack and Other News

    If you browse through the Shop you’ll notice a couple new designs and some other changes.

    The first is Promo Pack #2, which was released on Friday, along with the Love Cees design. Both of these are PreOrders right now and will go through August 30th. They’ll ship the week of H20.

    We are also having an End of Summer Sale right now. The 8380 Unbesiegt Rocco, Tunabasket, Grocery Getter, 8380 + Juniors Collab and 8380 Good Day designs are all on sale: Tees are $14 and Hoodies are $20. Supply is limited, and we won’t be getting any more stock in the forseeable future, what we’ve got listed is all that’s left folks!

    Big E30 update coming soon…