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    Pic of the Day

    New Promo Pack and Other News

    If you browse through the Shop you’ll notice a couple new designs and some other changes.

    The first is Promo Pack #2, which was released on Friday, along with the Love Cees design. Both of these are PreOrders right now and will go through August 30th. They’ll ship the week of H20.

    We are also having an End of Summer Sale right now. The 8380 Unbesiegt Rocco, Tunabasket, Grocery Getter, 8380 + Juniors Collab and 8380 Good Day designs are all on sale: Tees are $14 and Hoodies are $20. Supply is limited, and we won’t be getting any more stock in the forseeable future, what we’ve got listed is all that’s left folks!

    Big E30 update coming soon…


    Nabbed a cool little accessory for the RSs the other day. These can still be had from TireRack, you just gotta call em up, as it’s not on their site. BBS part number 09.23.144.

    Enjoy my attempt at photographic foreshadowing, ohhhhhhh!

    VW Fiends!

    This is a dope project put together by our pal Alexi up in Rhode Island. It’s a video magazine documenting the various events and happenings in the Northeast VW scene. They have a good sense of humor about things and present an interesting viewpoint. I don’t wanna spoil too much, so you should check out the website for yourself, and keep your eyes peeled at the next show for these fools walkin’ around with a 1977-style Bob Barker mic.

    Here’s a random pic of me jocking their latest tee at the local duckpin bowling alley.

    (P.S. If you ever wanted a perfect pic to photoshop objects going into, or coming out of my mouth, here’s your shot)

    Double Blog Day Mania!

    To what do you owe this rare and enjoyable event you ask? An E30 project update my friends. After I finished assembling the two wheels I had completed, I stopped by Euro Auto Source yesterday and had Cory mount some tires for me. 205/40 on the 8.5 and 215/40 on the 9.5, Sumitomo HTR+.

    I wanted a bit more rubber on the E30 than a Mk3 would need and these fit the bill nicely, as they are one of the few makes that has both sizes in the same model, and they run a bit larger than say a Falken 512 in the same sizes.

    I still need to refinish the bolts and assemble the other two, and one of them needs a little welding. Then they’ll get rubbered up and thrown on once I can sort out what size adapters I need to order.

    I also spent a little more time on the front suspension cleaning things up that I didn’t have time to get to on the initial install. I cleaned and repainted the rotor dust shields and installed new sway bar bushings and brackets. I also managed to shear one of the subframe bolts off inside the unibody of the car. DON’T ASK.

    Pic time:

    And a trip down memory road to where we started: