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    Pic of the Day

    Thanks Rich!

    This video is kind of a cult classic, and was filmed in 1978 in Paris. The car is claimed to be a Ferrari 275 GTB, driven by a Formula 1 driver. Check it out.

    My good friend Rich sent this to me. He’s not really a car guy, (although he did have a 240SX in college) but he is an 8380 supporter and makes up for his lack of automotive knowledge with a deep understanding of all things sport. If you enjoy the video, feel free to leave some love for him.

    After watching the vid a couple times, I’ve come to a couple conclusions of my own regarding its validity, but I’ll keep them to myself for now…enjoy!

    Question of the Day

    What changes would you guys make to the website? Is the ordering process smooth? Anything you think would be useful, we want to know what ya think!

    We are working on getting the International ordering process more streamlined, but as of right now, if you are ordering Internationally and the shipping quote seems high, drop us a line and we may be able to quote you a lower price.

    That’s all for now…


    Some of you may know I purchased an E30 recently. As a result I have been consumed with all things E30. I’ve been gathering parts and staying busy tuning stuff up and getting my own car in order, but more on that in a minute. I stumbled onto a pretty epic thread recently with these two machines. Two of my recent favorites. Wheels/tires/stance NAILED. The blue one also happens to sport some of my favorite wheels of all time, as well as the Mtech 2 setup, a pretty rare, super dope, factory bodykit.

    Take these pics in slowly. If they don’t excite you like they do me, shut up about it.

    GAME. SET. MATCH. I’ve been kinda freakin’ out over these pics all day.

    Anyway, now that exciting stuff is out of the way, more about my E30. It’s a 1990 325i. Got in on craigslist in Connecticut in November. Pretty nice shape, usual issues here and there. I like it a lot.

    Here it is when I first picked it up.

    Since then I have been gathering parts, mostly maintenance, some fun. Like my new wheels.

    They were pretty beat up, so I painted the center nuts and have been polishing the lips up. I will be redoing the bolts as well. Here’s a little more progress.

    More recently, I’ve had some issues with water leaking down into the front footwells. I removed the carpet and cleaned it, and I’m in the process of fixing all the possible culprits, I believe I’ve got it figured out, but I’m allowing for a lot of real world R&D and driving it around in the rain a lot with no carpet in it.

    I’ve done a bunch of other small, miscellaneous things to it not worth mentioning as well, but the largest recent development was the delivery of my new coilovers. Stoked to get these on.

    I’ve got a few more parts to collect ‘til I can install them, but I’m hoping they’ll be on in the next month or so. I’ll post up that progress once it’s done. As of now, I’ve got 3 wheels totally polished and done, so tires and adapters and they’ll be good to go, hopefully not too much after the suspension install.


    Summer Show Schedule

    Here ye be! This is subject to additoons, but this will be the bare minimum:

    May 16&17 > Southern Worthersee, Helen, GA

    May 30&31 > Dubs at the Beach, Ocean City, MD

    July 18&19 > Waterfest, Englishtown, NJ

    August 8 > VAG Fair, York, PA

    September 26&27 > H2O, Ocean City, MD

    If you’re gonna be at any of those shows, come by and say hey, there’s always a bunch of random stuff going on at the booth that’s fun.

    Question of the Day

    What shirt colors do you guys want to see this summer?

    Post comments directly to this blog, email us at info@8380labs.com, send a note via carrier pigeon, whatever.

    Your responses will have a direct effect on the products we put out!

    Have a good weekend.