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    Pic of the Day

    E30 Blueprint Designs In Stock

    Just picked these up from the printer yesterday! All the PreOrders will be shipped in the next few days, and the rest of the inventory has been put up in the Shop and is ready for sale!

    They came out really nice if I do say so myself. Some good bright colors for spring, time to get out in the driveway and get dirty. (Not in these shirts though, think of them like tuxedo tees).

    Check them out in the Shop!


    Decals are Back In Stock!

    We just got the decals in yesterday, so to everyone asking about them, they are in the shop now. You can apply them anywhere, and they also double as slippers if you have small feet. They are versatile and look great. Kind of like Tyra Banks.

    For those wondering what in the hell a Baby-Headed Cat is, it’s real. One used to live in the yard behind the little shack in the woods where I used to live. They only come out at night, and their cry (I’m not sure if it’s a mating call or something entirely different) sounds very much like a small child’s cry combined with a cat’s meow.

    It’s a pretty troubling noise, and my sleep was held hostage many a night due to the hybrid beast’s shenanigans. The only way I could get over my encounter with the Baby-Headed Cat was to share my story, with the hope that others won’t have to suffer as I have.

    He looks harmless, almost sweet. And I’ve got no real proof that he’s not. The sound was just so damn creepy though.

    Some Good Reading Material

    I grew up being pretty obsessed with LeMans in the 60s and 70s; specifically Cobras, GT40s, Porsches and BMWs. Porsche a bit more than the others. Awesome history, awesome cars. If you haven’t ever sat down and watched the Steve McQueen movie LeMans, do it. From 908s and 917s to 956s and 962s, Porsche pretty much dominated the race for the better part of two decades. And the way they did it was crafty and really cool, too.

    Apparently the dudes who made the site Speedhunters feel the same way, because they’ve got a really nice collection of stories on their site focusing on Porsche racing history. (Be sure to click on “older articles” at the bottoms of the pages). They’ve got a lot of other really cool stuff about dope cars of every shape and form as well, so give the whole site a good scan.

    Lots of great pics to look at too if you’re too lazy to read.

    If your boss catches you looking at the site instead of working, tell them some asshole who works from home told you to do it.


    ATTN: Women of 8380

    You have suffered long enough. You’ve asked us when we’d at the very least have women’s sizes. We always told you it would happen soon…maybe. We are no longer lying to you. But it gets better. We aren’t just offering smaller sizes, we are offering both designs in regular and racerback tanks. Spring is right on the horizon, and the time has come to start thinking about warm weather and show season. You can layer these and stuff, they are hip. (My girlfriend told me that).

    Don’t worry dudes, both designs are available as regular tees like always. And we also haven’t gone soft.

    This PreOrder introduces a new design and brings back an old friend who has been in hiding for awhile, just in time for the return of top down motoring!

    The PreOrder will end March 17th and your orders will ship the week of April 6th.

    Check them out in the Shop!


    Latest Offering from the Public Works Division

    Putting in my time on Vortex over the years, I have become overly familiarized with the endless battle that is ride height supremacy. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you drive, everyone claims they are the lowest. The time has come to put up or shut up.

    The mad scientists in the 8380 Public Works Division have worked tirelessly to come up with a universal system to determine who is talking the talk, and who is walking the walk. The Ride Height Lie Detector will settle these disputes without a hint of bias, all for a very minimal fee. Consider it a public service.

    Here’s how it works: Hold the Lie Detector in front of any of the three spots on the ride height golden triangle and document your findings. It can be your car, a friend’s car, an enemy’s car, whatever. Send your photos to info@8380labs.com and we will choose the best/most creative submission. The winner will get to choose 2 t-shirts of their choice from the shop, free of charge.

    First deadline will be April 15th.
    We will determine the winner and notify them the next day. If this goes well, we will continue the contest throughout the Spring and Summer with periodic winners.

    Title your email submissions “8380 Ride Height Lie Detection”.

    Click here to purchase the Public Works Division Ride Height Lie Detector.